Art By Nan B







Nan Bilden

Art By Nan B

Spring, TX


Nan Bilden, a native Northerner, calls Texas home as she has lived here for over 20 years. Nan was fortunate that both her mother and father were very artistic. Her father was very gifted in painting landscapes and her mother still loves to paint flowers and wildlife. Nan grew up sewing clothing, curtains, pillows, bedspreads, and just about anything else you can imagine. She also found needlepoint to be among her various talents. But it was her elaborate silk flower arrangements that really caught everyone’s attention.

A college degree in Geological Drafting started a career in the Oil and Gas Industry where she was able to exploit her artistic talents making geological maps. Her expertise in Leroy Lettering and professionalism made her stand out from the crowd and have a successful career in drafting.

Nan finally took up painting and now creates many different styles of abstract art. Her artwork is very colorful and she uses many types of textures to create color variations and depth creating unique and different moods. She paints anywhere from collectable ACEO Art Cards to large corporate-size paintings. Some of her paintings will be on display at the WAL Gallery in The Woodlands, TX later this year. She will also take custom orders for paintings in your home or corporate offices. For personal consultations on custom paintings, you may contact Nan directly Through FAA contac



Cajun River Wild by Nan Bilden


Fairy Dusting by Nan Bilden


Jewel of the Orient #3 by Nan Bilden


Jewel of the Orient #2 by Nan Bilden


Fairy Dust by Nan Bilden


Jewel Island by Nan Bilden


A Fairy Wonderland by Nan Bilden


Webbed Galaxy by Nan Bilden


Shipwrecked by Nan Bilden


Jewel Of The Orient by Nan Bilden


Out of Africa by Nan Bilden


Wildfire by Nan Bilden


Wild Midnight by Nan Bilden


Razberry Ocean of Butterflies by Nan Bilden


Avatar by Nan Bilden


Sapphire Violet by Nan Bilden


The Sunflower by Nan Bilden


Space Vines by Nan Bilden


Jeweled Amethyst by Nan Bilden


Binary Star System by Nan Bilden


This Planet Earth by Nan Bilden


Lassoed a Tornado by Nan Bilden


City Pear Tree by Nan Bilden